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Cedric FAHY was born in France in 1971.

He currently lives in south of France. 


“My only link with the world is these things which are unceasingly offered to my

eyes, it is my reality that I try to express through these images, my personal

perception of what surrounds me”.


Curriculum :

Animated by an innate even vital desirel to express himself through his images. After a BA economic and social sciences in south of France, Cedric FAHY chose a

formation in photography.


1992 to 1995 :

Registered with the courses exempted at the National Institute of higher learning

of Crafts (ISNA) in Metz (France).


He developed his technique and his glance under the expert eye of

Jean-Luc Tartarin, Master of famous internship (Nièpce price at 20 years). 

He passes three graduates while holding two positions as assistant in two

advertising studios.


After military service, he moved to Paris working in an international reputed

professional laboratory (computer graphics and the final improvement of

photography department).

He first formed himself, and then became manager for the company during

10 years. He daily attended and advised customers enumerated on this page

and many other.


2003 :

he resigns and refuses his professional photographer statute. Nonprofessional, but free, he removed himself in south of France as an unqualified worker.


2006, He got photo equipment and carried out some images for friends.


Cedric FAHY does not assert any statute :


“I am neither photographer nor video maker, and even less painter or artist, but

produce sometimes images, only by need and for my personal pleasure”.


Cedric is currently male nurse but also free to take his snapshots.

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